This site, IPng -- IP next generation, doesn't have a snazzy presentation with a grandiose set of promises, the only promises you'll find here are those that we can keep. We are a small network and hosting group who can talk the talk when it comes to inter-networking IPv4 and IPv6 routing, physical and virtual machine hosting. We're also proud to be connected to the industry both physically, in terms of software defined networking, hardware and software companies, and socially, to the Swiss and wider European networking community.

Keywords: WDM, IPv4, IPv6, Transit, Hosting, Virtual Machine, and eh, Cloud.

Rather than dazzle you with pictures of clouds, grandiose projections of our "global IP backbone", and other claims that small businesses make to appear larger than they are, we're happy to show what we know, what we own, and how we can help you accomplish your goals if you want to work with us.

We are proud of our network, because it ensures that we provide the fastest Internet connectivity possible in the Swiss market. We maintain and grow it judiciously, with the utmost of care, using physical, ethernet, and IP redundancy, best practice configuration techniques, latest software defined networking and of course competent hardware and strong partners to complement our services for larger requests for hosting, cloud computing and networking reach.

We understand that teams are built with more than one player. We try to think out of the box, and have an extensive technical understanding of the ISP industry and the experience to know when we can solve problems or when we need to ask for help to solve problems in any of your hosting and network needs. Why don't you use AS50869 to:

As you can see, we are not necessarily posessive of our customer relationship. We're good at some things, are opinionated on how things ought to be, and have a sorting hat of contacts, partners and providers that can pitch in to solve problems. We can of course coordinate, redirect, or partner direct. Let us know.