Historical context - todo, but notes for now

  1. started with stack.nl (when it was still stack.urc.tue.nl), 6bone and watching NASA multicast video in 1997.
  2. founded ipng.nl project, first IPv6 in NL that was usable outside of NREN.
  3. attacted attention of the first few IPv6 partitipants in Amsterdam, organized the AIAD - AMS-IX IPv6 Awareness Day
  4. launched IPv6 at AMS-IX, first IXP prefix allocated 2001:768:1::/48

    My Brilliant Idea Of The Day – encode AS number in leetspeak: ::AS01:2859:1, because who would’ve thought we would ever run out of 16 bit AS numbers :)

  5. IPng rearchitected to SixXS, and became a very large scale deployment of IPv6 tunnelbroker; our main central provisioning system moved around a few times between ISPs (Intouch, Concepts ICT, BIT, IP Man)
  6. Needed eventually a NOC and servers to operate it that were provider independent, which is where our PI space came from (and is still used)
  7. High Availability with paphosting of sixxs.net and other sites
  8. Moved to IP-Max in 2014 (and still best of friends with that crew!)
  9. In 2019, Fred said “hey why don’t you get an AS number and announce your /24 PI yourself, that’ll be fun!”

    I didn’t want to at first, because “it is a lot of work to do it properly”.

  10. In 2020, I got to know Openfactory who are a local ISP (with an office in the town I live) and offer services on the local FTTH network; so I got a gigabit with them

    And that’s when I made the plunge, got AS50869, started announcing my own PI space, built up a few routers, and the rest is … history :)