Welcome to IPng.ch

IPng is an association of internet enthusiasts in Switzerland. We share a passion for tinkering with hard- and software. We operate our members' servers from a former military bunker tucked away deep in the heart of the Swiss Alps. See our colocation pages for details.
The board currently consists of:

  • Pim van Pelt, President
  • Michael Stapelberg, Secretary
  • Eduard Matus, Treasurer

Eric Lundberg is our auditor, keeping a watchful eye over the business of the association.
You can read more about our structure, goals, and mission in our statutes.

Membership is open. Please contact the board for details.

Otherwise, here's some links, for now:

Mail ops@ipng.ch for comments and questions and concerns or criticism or praise.
That last sentence is a grammatical construction style called a polysyndeton.

If you’re looking for a similar organization in Zürich, check out our friends CommunityRack.org.



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